Photography is fundamentally emotional.


The technical stuff—knowledge of light and shadow, color theory, frame composition, scene styling, chemistry in front of the lens, editorial guidance and direction, creative post-processing—all lead toward a desire to tell a story and convey mood & desire.


I love shooting candid and off to the side.

I also love to experiment, plan, and orchestrate a shoot.

Anything to see your dreams realized.


I believe everyone deserves to see themselves captured in a photograph. Could be a special occasion, or just another day, remembering a specific feeling, or a key moment in time.

I work with: families, children, couples, pets, special occasions & celebrations, personal exploration sessions, and more.


If I work with you, please come as a creative collaborator. I welcome active ideas, input, and inspirations. If you are more of a passive collaborator, or are unsure, shy, and might want a bit more editorial direction, I’d be glad to take the lead too.

I charge premium market rates (which you may inquire here), and our shoot will not be conventionally constrained within a time window. There will be no limits to outfit changes. We might need to sprint to chase the perfect light, or improvise on the spot. My packages also come with modeling and styling directions.



I use a mirrorless Leica and a digital rangefinder Leica. Prior to that I shot with a DSLR.